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vznik klubu It was already in 2002 year when lacrosse fans started in Slovakia, led by Mark Lichter to fulfill the dream of developing this sport in our country. It was not until 2003 when the first lacrosse club in Slovakia was founded. It was our club called Tricksters Bratislava (now Tricksters Lacrosse Team). Its founders was Mark and Tomas Lichtner´s.

Lacrosse started in a modest conditions with a minimum gear throwing a lacrosse ball against the wall and the gradual growth of experience. In November 2003 the football stadium TJ United Bratislava organized a friendly training day and finally the first field lacrosse game in the history of Slovakia. During that year Tricksters together with Vienna Monarchs established field lacrosse competition - Danube Lacrosse Conference (DLC).

From 2003 to 2005 the Tricksters participated in Czech box lacrosse leaugue but they did not fight for better league spots. In 2006 Tricksters won their very first title in the DLC when they lost only one point with draw against Vienna Cherokees in whichteam at the time played three Americans. Since 2007 the DLC has been cancled as the two strongest teams Passau and Ljublana signed out of competition. Nevertheless Tricksters experienced tremendous success in the 2007. For the very first time in Austria field lacrosse tournament they beat Bayern Germany 4:3 in dramatic final. In preparation for the European Championships in Lahti, Finland (in a team with a representative mix with Bratislava Bats) the Tricksters entered the Czech Field Lacrosse League (NFLL) and captured the final 4th Place.

Since 2007 the part of a club is also women's team Tricksters Ladies which is since 2009 regular participant in women's league matches in Austria and Czech Republic. Club organizes from 2008 a lacrosse tournament Tricksters Lacrosse Cup, which seeks to promote lacrosse in Slovakia.

From 2009 Tricksters LT starts at a regular league matches against top clubs from the Czech Republic as a part of the National Box Lacrosse League (NBLL) as well as the National Field Lacrosse League (NFLL).

In 2010, Tricksters stood after a formation of Slovak lacrosse league (SLL). Tricksters lacrosse team players were part of the world lacrosse championships in Manchester in England at the same year, where they finished at the historical 17th place from 30 participants.

The year 2011 was again one of successful, because men's team won SLL again, defended victory in the home tournament Tricksters Cup and defeated the U.S. team in the final of the Austrian Open. After four years, so again Tricksters lifted winning cup over their heads.

The year 2012 was again a year of national selection for the European Championships, players were again mostly from Tricksters lacrosse team. The team managed to defend the position from the previous Championships in Lahti, where the Slovak national team finished at 12th place.

The main objective of the club in coming years is to stabilize the player´s base and focus on training young players at the own field.


2019 Ostrava Pitbulls cup Champions

2019 Danube Lacrosse League Champions (DLL)

2019 Austrian Lacrosse Open Champions

2017 SLL Champions

2016 SLL Champions

2015 SLL Champions

2014 SLL Champions

2014 New Years Cup Champions

2013 SLL Champions

2013 Silesia cup Champions

2012 SLL Champions

2011 SLL Champions

2011 Austrian open Champions

2011 Tricksters cup Champions

2010 SLL Champions

2010 Silesia cup Champions

2007 Austrian open Champions

cena 2007 Jimi Dlouhý Cup / Memoriál Aleša Hřebešského – BOX LACROSSE
The final 9th place on 14th edition of the tournament which is considered the best box lacrosse tournament in Europe meant a huge success. Tricksters made it for the first time between top ten teams which included the teams from a total of eight countries in the world.

cena 2006 The winner of the DLC - FIELD LACROSSE
After three years of action in the Danube Lacrosse Conference the Tricksters made it to the top when they did not experience a bitterness of a loss for the whole season and received 22 points from 24th overall.


2008 NFLL National field lacrosse league - FIELD LACROSS
Czech Lacrosse Union Tomas Lichtner as top scorer. Great success of the individual quality in the Czech competition.

cena Tomáš Lichtner

2007 Jimi Dlouhy Cup Memorial Aleše Hřebešského - BOX LACROSSE
Most usefull player of the tournament has been a player Petr Tahal. It was a great success and also reward for the whole team.

cena Petr Tahal

2007 Austria Open - FIELD LACROSSE
The prize for best player of thewhole tournament won Tomas Lichtner. In particular thanks to its goals Tricksters advanced to the final when they won over the Germany selection.

cena Tomáš Lichtner

2006 - Austria Open FIELD LACROSSE
3. place in the table shooters won Andrew Grešo. This exercise helped the team to third place overall in this well-performed tournament.

cena Ondrej Grešo


DLL 2020
  GP W Wot L Lot Pts
Graz Gladiators 0 0 0 0 0 0
Olimpija Ljublana 0 0 0 0 0 0
Vienna Monarchs 0 0 0 0 0 0
Tricksters Bratislava 0 0 0 0 0 0
Zagreb Bulldogs 0 0 0 0 0 0



Men: 17:45

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